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I like to consider myself a Jack (Jane?) of All Trades. I have an eye for creating something out of nothing. I have so many passions (a lot of them artistic) and the funny thing is that I never considered art as a career path.

I have a bachelor’s degree from STMU and a master’s degree from UIW. Those San Antonio hills have my heart.

I currently live in the San Antonio area with my handsome husband Rodrigo, our baby girl Rhya, and our dog Blu! 

Thankful to have you following along!

My old soul shines through in my taste of music. I can straight up go from Selena to Dolly Parton to Emilio Navaira and Jimmy Gonzalez and then back to George Strait and Cody Johnson all in the same sitting. Blame it on my Tejana attitude. But really, I like to jam out to everything – some other favorites include: Ronnie Milsap, Backstreet Boys, Yellowcard, Enrique Iglesias & Nelly.

My broken Spanish might make you laugh, I have a tendency to speak a little Spanglish or as many like to call it “Tex-Mex.”

I am a South Texas girl through and through, born and raised in Corpus Christi. I’m proud of my roots and my Hispanic culture. I love Jesus, my Grandma, and a really good cup of coffee.

 Disco Medley!

my life is basically a

I’ve always been one to photograph every little detail of my life and it’s because growing up everything was documented, and I mean everything from the big moments to the everyday simple moments. I find myself getting lost in the thousands of photos stored in my grandparents’ drawers. I cherish those photos so much and I am so thankful to have so many events captured that go way past what my memory recalls. That’s what photos do. They bring you back to a time that can never be relived and that is why I am a photographer. I am so very passionate about capturing what is important. 

I would love to be the one to capture your story and give you a lasting memory to look back on! 



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